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I don’t know you all that well, but you’re young and healthy and have a husband who will be away on deployment very soon."Well, ah, well yes, I guess so."My dad deserved a faithful woman, not a whore like my mom.“Well thank you.That was kinda weird.“You wiggle that juicy ass, you fucking whore!” I told the horny slut.“That's what you want, dick, dick, and more dick.I saw that Jason's dick was about similar sized as mine, at least what I can say about another man's equipment.But before he could reason anything out he felt the fingers push hard and the head of Tom's cock pushed through the back of his mouth into his throat for the first time.He continued to pump his seed deep inside her.CCCRUNCCH-CRRACK!Susan dressed me up as a girl for out weekends, and I kept toenail polish on, just as I did my panties, butt plug, and gaff.Her hand was kicked away so that Astrid could plant her foot, and deliver a series of strikes that Skull caught easily on his blade.“Okay, let’s go.�

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