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I offered to show her around myself, but she was just out of a shitty relationship and taking a break from men at the moment.“Don't wander around the house in your panties, Maria,” Mom groaned.After all either way I was not going to be able to stop it.I lit another smoke I noticed that the cigarettes were giving me a distinct buzz which sharpened my senses immensely.Our tongues danced together.I’ll keep fucking you until you beg me to stop.“Very good…now, text her so she gets ready…” The text is sent and the phone rings for a facetime session within moments.I shook my head yes and began to suck slowly on her toes.She hated that…and yet partly it turned her on too.Glory's bowels clamped down on my plunging cock for a moment.Leaving her to clean up.My pussy was wet and hot to the touch, my little clit begging for attention.“I think I'll enjoy Nathalie's cute tush,” purred Mistress, moving behind my fellow sex slave.“Vision?” Jacob said gaining somewhat of an ounce