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"Was you cunt moist and swollen when you first allowed your son to fuck you?"But I’m smart enough to take a shower afterwards.” then smiled at himAnael touched me. Her hand stroked my face.She felt more then heard him groan as the palm on his hand settled against the firm round globe of her breast.That evening, as we were eating from cans, with a little camp fire ablaze next to us, the others had started talking about someone they had known, not much older than them, that had died from a heart attack.She put an LP on the player, Elvis of course.Her nipples were achingly hard and she flicked them, sighing and giggling while doing so.She stepped away from me and said, “Go take your seat."Oh Fuck!"Mr. Jack Thompson sat at his principal’s desk in Claremont High School.DUH!!“Aahhhhmmmm” she moaned in a nonsensical craze.It was built in short order, with a professional office inside.She went on, "We could finish the research there.“Oh, I met her alright,” I nudged him with my

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Please Daddy, save me. Please Daddy, don’t look in here.After adding the tiniest hint of cold I hop in and pull the curtain too.I then bookmarked the main page and showed them how to get to it.A pain in the ass, but it could be worse.“And now, you’ll know where and when to find me.”Then while it dried she had to fix both of their hair and makeup.After the third coating of candle wax was whipped off his genitals, their beautiful victim was already sweating in spite of the cool basement air.This time somehow felt a million times better than the first…and the first time was one of the greatest experiences of my life.“You're fun.”Before i went to sleep that night mum had told me he and dad would be out for most of the day and only 4 of the guys would be working tomorrow.She shuddered and then closed her eyes.I kissed my way down her belly, savoring its silken expanse, marveling at her navel with my tongue, dipping and lathering it with an expertness born from decades of prac