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“No, I mean-”Brad tossed back to her.“Everyone seemed to like you too though, “ she slurred, “All the men seemed to know you, a few called you that big titted bimbo,” she giggled,” they're all glad your a slave now, some of them said they might come round soon and have some fun with you if that was alright by me, I said of course it was.” she laughed sleepily.What was it like?"This is just a fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.I looked at her replying with a smile, “Let me check you first, is that why you were wearing a jacket!”"And the erections are a very nice touch boys."Mr. Wolfe opened the back door and held it as she entered the vehicle.His dick shrank down and he got me in doggy style position and started to insert his cock in my new pussy“Tough.” Phil said, walking towards me. Instinctively, I got out of the way, watching him as he unlocked the door to the student council room.There was another long silence."I'm the King's whore."Well, I've always wan

"Yeah, well maybe, I don't know.There you lie, in your heels and bra down your waist.“Yes sir,” I said, “And thank you.”They followed the procedure she described.Do you like these?she is really friendly with me and I would often visit her and my brother.“Oh, my, she's a gusher,” Karissa said, fanning her face.I had to think quickly, because my next idea actually was pretty selfish.They were all passed out.When I told him about the Courtesan’s I turned the tablet so that Tim could see 969 still riding 132.The bikini consists of 3 metal rings, one for each nipple and one for her clit; and yellow strings holding them in place.Dikembe’s body shuddered as he felt her soft, warm lips and tongue laving his cock head.I’m naked from the waist down, and my erect cock bounces as I follow this weird little girl.It was over.“I'll take them!” I gasped.“So you two spent the night together?” she asks me.“Relax Luke...I told my father and my mum ALL about you already before

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